July 29, 2014

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The Rise of Gold as an Investment

Gold Bars

In the last 10 to 15 years the value of gold has risen significantly, but it comes as no surprise. Gold is a scarce resource worldwide and its scarcity drives up its value because more and more people want it, but there is not enough to satisfy that demand. Gold has been circulated much longer than any type of paper currency therefore people naturally have more trust in it. That scarcity, combined with the recent distrust in national currencies such as the USD and the EURO is the driving force behind the recent interest in gold. The sale of gold bullion has increased drastically and people are selling and buying at impressive rates.

Safely Investing in Gold

Investing in gold is like any other type of investment, which means that there is risk involved. The good thing about gold is that the risk is often very low. Just like the price of any stock, the current value of gold is always fluctuating, but in more recent years it has been on a steady rise.

When looking to invest in gold the task may at first seem overwhelming, but a little bit of knowledge can take you a long way. Buying and selling gold online is the most popular way of exchanging the metal today. All the time there are dealers entering the market and offering you, the consumer, more and more options and increasingly competitive prices. Investing in a rapidly growing market such as this means that you face little risk with a high possibility of making a gain on your investment somewhere down the road. The value of paper currencies has been on a steady decline in the last 10 to 20 years and people have instead been turning to gold. The more that this current trend stays the same the value of paper currencies will continue to fall as gold’s value rises. Investors are always in search of something that can guarantee them a return on their money, and gold is about as close to a “sure thing” as you can get. When you think about it, buying gold online now just makes sense.

Decide On a Product

South African Gold Krugerrand

If you are new to purchasing gold online, you may not be aware of the fact that there are many different types of gold out there to be bought. While it may not seem like it at first, there are major differences between gold bars, coins and rounds.

For example, if you are looking to collect gold coins the spot value of gold is, in a lot of cases, irrelevant because the rarity of the coin determines the price you will pay more so than the current price of gold. Also, if you are going to buy a gold bar you need to be aware of the current spot price of metal. As a potential purchaser of gold you need to know what you are going to buy as well as the use for said product. A simple rule of thumb is that you typically do not want to purchase gold coins as a form of investment just like you would not want to collect gold bars. There are a variety of uses for different gold products and it is your job as a consumer to determine why you are buying gold and then what type and how much gold you actually follow through with purchasing.

it is your job as a consumer to determine why you are buying gold and then what type and how much gold you actually follow through with purchasing. You’ll also want to take into consideration where you’re buying gold. If you want to buy gold in USA then you may lean towards investing in the American Eagle or American Buffalo Gold coin.

Buy Gold Online

Types of Gold

An interest in buying gold is good, but you have to know and understand the many different types of gold that are available for purchase before any action. An aspiring gold investor or collector needs to understand that the price of gold varies depending on whether it is a coin, round, or bar. This explains why some gold bars that weigh the same as a bunch of gold coins may be sold for very different prices.

Australian Gold Kagaroo

 Canadian Gold Maple LeafAmerican Gold Eagle

Gold Bars

Gold bars are the most typical way of investing and is what’s thought of first when people want to buy gold. Investors turn to gold bars as opposed to coins because the value of gold coins is usually higher than bars. In many countries all over the world the exchange of gold bars is done at banks, but for the countries that do not have that sort of luxury, online gold bullion sale takes its place. Gold bars come in different weights ranging from under 1 ounce all the way up to 100 ounces or more. The size of the gold bar you buy is literally the size of your investment.

Gold Bars for Sale Online

The current price of gold changes every day which is why you will see a constant change in price on most updated gold-selling websites. Everyone is trying to buy cheap gold bullion but finding gold that is priced significantly under its current spot value is not very typical. The key to buying gold bars is by getting the best deal when you can, like making a purchase when there is a temporary drop in the price. Short-term investments in gold are done by buying and then quickly reselling an amount of gold for profit on the initial price of purchase. Long-term investments work the same way only over a more drawn out period of time. In most cases long-term investors look to amass larger amounts of gold in hopes of a large cash return.

Buy Gold Online

Safely Investing in Gold

When buying gold online in the USA or other countries it is important to identify a site’s specialty before shopping on it. For example, if you are an investor looking to buy gold bars online, searching a site that specializes in coin sales will be nothing more than a waste of your time. Vice versa for a coin collector who is sifting through a site’s listing of gold bars. Not all sites have one specific specialty and me be split up into different departments. Once you have identified a few good prospects, shop around and find the best price you can. In a lot of instances, knowing what you are looking for is half the battle when you buy gold.

The first, and quite possibly one of the biggest, challenges you will face when attempting to buy gold on the internet is finding a dealer who you can trust. Like we touched on before, there are a lot of different gold and precious metals dealers online and if you were to check out each one you would spend weeks on end.

That’s why our experienced investors at BuyGoldPro.comare here to help recommend to you the sites we’ve used and have had positive experiences with. We’ll also give you honest reviews and let you know what sites we avoid or haven’t been satisfied with.

Mind Shipping Fees

When you are buying metal it probably does not come as too big a surprise when I say that shipping can be a major addition to the bottom line price you end up paying for gold. Since shipping is based on weight the more gold you buy the more expensive your purchase will end up being.

Most sites offer free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount and if you are going to be purchasing a large quantity of gold at once it would be best to do so on a site that has some sort of special offer on large orders. Even if you aren’t buying in bulk, it is still important to assess shipping fees prior to making a purchase just to be sure that you are not overpaying. You can even do side by side comparisons of a similar order on two different sites just to see how big the difference in shipping costs is.

Buy Gold Online